StencilMaps and EphemeralMaps: spatially stable interfaces that highlight command subsets
Behaviour & Information Technology
Joey Scarr, Carl Gutwin, Andy Cockburn & Andrea Bunt
Supporting Novice to Expert Transitions in User Interfaces
ACM Computing Surveys
Andy Cockburn, Carl Gutwin, Joey Scarr, Sylvain Malacria
The Usability of CommandMaps in Realistic Tasks
CHI 2014
Joey Scarr, Andy Cockburn, Carl Gutwin, Andrea Bunt, Jared Cechanowicz
Faster Command Selection on Tablets with FastTap
CHI 2014
Carl Gutwin, Andy Cockburn, Joey Scarr, Sylvain Malacria, Scott Olson
Supporting and Exploiting Spatial Memory in User Interfaces
Foundations and Trends in Human-Computer Interaction
Joey Scarr, Andy Cockburn, Carl Gutwin
Skillometers: Reflective Widgets that Motivate and Help Users to Improve Performance
UIST 2013
Sylvain Malacria, Joey Scarr, Andy Cockburn, Carl Gutwin, Tovi Grossman
Exploiting Spatial Memory to Design Efficient Command Interfaces
CHI 2013 Doctoral Consortium
Joey Scarr
Testing the Robustness and Performance of Spatially Consistent Interfaces
CHI 2013 [Honorable Mention] [RepliCHI Award]
Joey Scarr, Andy Cockburn, Carl Gutwin, Sylvain Malacria
Improving Command Selection with CommandMaps
CHI 2012 [Best Paper]
Joey Scarr, Andy Cockburn, Carl Gutwin, Andrea Bunt
Dips and Ceilings: Understanding and Supporting Transitions to Expertise in User Interfaces
CHI 2011
Joey Scarr, Andy Cockburn, Carl Gutwin, Philip Quinn
Supporting Window Switching with Spatially Consistent Thumbnail Zones: Design and Evaluation
Susanne Tak, Joey Scarr, Carl Gutwin, Andy Cockburn
Retrieval of Guitarist Fingering Information using Computer Vision
IVCNZ 2010
Joey Scarr, Richard Green
Improving Window Switching Interfaces
Susanne Tak, Andy Cockburn, Keith Humm, David Ahlström, Carl Gutwin, Joey Scarr

Side Projects

Kickass Undelete
A free, open-source file recovery tool for Windows with a super-simple UI and a gigantic scan button.
Ground Motion Selector
A scientific web app for selecting seismic data.
Course Mark Calculator
A free Windows tool for keeping on top of university courses.


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